Nordic life;

Eighteen/Jesus Freak/Aspiring Phlebotomist/Of Scandinavian Blood.

Hello strangers, friends. This is the Nordic Life; with all of it's viking-powered, deliciously favorable rustic work, Celtic beauty, and captive Norse scenery. I'm a temptress of the seas as well.
Here, there's a bit of my other favorite things, of course. I don't have any limitations for my blog; it expresses me in every way possible. If you'd like to access my Nordic/Viking tags directly, I have a page under my Navigation for such. You're welcome to raid, fellow nomads.
I'm usually active every day, unless I don't have time or access. My page looks it's best in Google Chrome; coded specifically for it. If you think I'd like your blog, let me know and I'll check it out. I'll follow if it appeals to my taste and/or is beneficial to my own blog. I do not follow for follow, sorry guys. <\3
If you'd like to get to know me better, check out my about me under my Navigation. Still have unanswered questions? Just ask, I'll answer as soon as I can.
I also have a link to the Save The Arctic Petition; check it out and sign if you're interested in saving the arctic from drilling, military colonizing, and corporate fishing. In three easy steps, you can help keep the arctic unclaimed and clean!

In addition to all of this, my ears are always open. If I can help you with anything, don't hesitate to ask; I'm fairly open-minded.
Please follow, you won't regret. <3

Stay barbaric,
Vampire Stephanie

 by ~vofffka

 by ~vofffka

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